FOX Sports website goes all video

FOX Sports website goes all video

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This is not a mistake (or rather, this is not a technical glitch). It a concession to the fact that ESPN and others do that sort of content better, and Fox is hardly alone in putting more emphasis on video.compelling sports video content is what we do best at Fox Sports, Jamie Horowitz, who oversees the Fox Sports cable networks and online operations, wrote in the memo. will be shifting our resources and business model away from written content and instead focus on our fans growing appetite for premium video across all platforms. Horowitz was fired a week later in a move that appears to be related to a sexual harassment investigation.But the web site has been full speed ahead with the video. Ken Rosenthal, among others, is frustrated and rightfully so. Friday, here are the five most prominent clips on the site, in order of top to bottom:A clip from Colin cheap saints jerseys Cowherd Herd, which is teased as Ball, Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Aaron Judge have one thing in common. Oh man, this could be a lot of things, actually. They all males. They all athletes. They all like ice cream (probably). Alternate headline: If we put four big names into one headline, please click. (I did not click).Another clip from Undisputed. In this one, Bayless reacts to free agent running back DeAngelo Williams saying Cowboys fans are annoying. Again, someone says something. Bayless says something about that thing. Time is a flat circle.A video of Floyd Mayweather it rain on McGregor. So yeah, a clip from their pre fight nonsense tour. But it allows the site to promote UFC on Fox. synergyA breakdown of who won the war of words between Mayweather and McGregor. I Cheap NHL Jerseys wish I was kidding. My brain cells are evaporating and I didn even watch it. Women Open (again, on Fox) and then two more videos of people talking, one about McGregor/Mayweather and one about Lonzo Ball. The two videos below that? Both about McGregor/Mayweather.So out of the top 12, half are related in some way to the fight between Mayweather and McGregor. Eight of them involve Fox personalities talking. Three of them involve actual sports highlights.Outside of references to cheap packers jerseys Lonzo Ball and Aaron Judge in those top 12 videos, the NBA and MLB might as well not exist. The NHL? Nah.To be fair, though, I pretty sure I not the target demographic for the remade Fox Sports web site given my interests and the value I place on the written word. It could very well prove to be a more viable product for their bottom line because it seems exceedingly cheap to produce while any clicks on those videos will generate revenue.This is also an incredibly slow time of the sports year in terms of live events. My guess is they made the switch now to work out the kinks, with the potential for more interesting video content more likely once the NFL season is in full swing.

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The Senate passed the budget measure last week and the House endorsed it without changes, a step designed to allow Republicans to move quickly to the tax measure in hopes of passing it into law this year. House and Senate leaders want to pass companion measures before Thanksgiving with a final compromise coming before year’s end.
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The rapid decline of Daniel Sedin’s offenceAt this stage last season, Daniel led the Canucks with 17 goals and 38 points. This season, he stumbled to the midway mark with one goal in his past 13 games and just 10 goals and 23 points on the season. A year ago, he had 142 first half shots on goal. This season only 104 as he spends far more time than past years in his own zone. A big part of the slowdown is the fact the Sedins have been forced to work with a variety of linemates this season some better suited to their cycle game than others. Still, Daniel had just a pair of multi point games in the first half. That used to be a slow week for him.
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Some retrospective “wishes” for data that were not previously collected can be satisfied by proxy based reconstructions, where something is measured that represents the original dataset. For instance, the width of tree rings can be a proxy for past rainfall, with wider rings occurring during wetter years that allowed the trees to grow better. Coral cores similar to tree rings are a good place to start for coral reef studies. Cores can be used to reconstruct water temperature, salinity, pH, nutrients, sedimentation, and coral growth rates (which theoretically will respond to these environmental drivers), and potentially other stressors as well. However, proxy records are not exactly perfectly understood yet.
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